Lacrosse By: Andrew N.

It was a nice spring day. It was May 23 2017. The first day of lacrosse was today. Jake was the only freshman on the varsity lacrosse team. Jake was the best on the team. He has been recruited by Notre Dame and Duke the two best schools in the country.

“Where do you think you are going to go to school.” Deaken asked

“I don’t know It is kinda hard. I mean you have the two best Lacrosse schools in the nation.”

Jakes team was the best in the country but he wasn’t the only good one on his team he had his best friend Drew who was the third best lacrosse player according to ESPN top 300. Jake and Drew were best friends. They have been friends since kindergarden. They had the same interests as each other.

The game was tied 10-10 Jake played for Compton's best high school lacrosse team. They were playing against the Los Angeles Stars who was the second best lacrosse team in California. The stars had the second best lacrosse player in the country named Braden Taylor. Braden was a star and scored about 9 goals a game. Jake had 7 goals and 3 assists. Braden had 10 goals in the game. There was 30 seconds in the fourth quarter the game was still tied. Braden had the ball in his stick. He was on the other side of the field. The clock was counting when he crossed the midline with 20 seconds left. Jake had switched to deffender from attacker. The two positions were Jakes best positions. Braden had just passed it to his teammate Deaken Bush. After Braden passed to Deaken he sprinted to the goal. When Deaken saw Braden run to the goal Deaken zipped the ball to Braden. As soon as Deaken passed the ball Jake sprinted to try to stop Braden from making the goal. Braden had the ball with five seconds left, he needed to shoot the ball.

When he shot the ball Jake dove in front of the ball. SMACK. Jake go hit by the ball. Hard. The crowed gasped

The ball was going at least 75 mph. Jake fell on both of his arms and hit his head pretty hard. Jakes mom and dad ran out onto the field. Jake’s mom was calling the ambulance while heading to Jake. 5 minutes later the ambulance came rushing onto the field. They picked up Jake into a cart and carted Jake off. When they got into the ambulance the took off to the emergency room. Jake felt the car take off. Jake felt the car stop hard and the tires screech. Jake heard car honks. After that the took off again.

When they got to the hospital the rushed him out of the ambulance and into the operating room. The doctor told Jake got hit by a ball in the heart. The doctor also told Jake that he couldn’t play lacrosse again because the heart got hit really hard and that it would be very dangerous to play again. Jake started to cry and his parents were very sad as well.

The nurse told the family that Jake had a visitor. The person who walked into the room surprised the whole family. Braden Taylor walked into the room with a balloon that says get better.

“I’m so sorry” Braden said

“It wasn’t your fault i jumped in front of it” Jake explained.

“How are you feeling” Braden asked

“Better” Jake says

“Good” Braden says

“I can’t play lacrosse again” Jake says

“Well I guess i’m the best in the nation now” Braden says

They both started to laugh. Jake and Braden became friends with each other. Braden went to Notre Dame to play lacrosse.

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