Northwestern Mutual internship

WHY Northwestern Mutual?

Driven to help others:
At Northwestern Mutual, the main goal is to help clients achieve lifelong security. Also, Northwestern believes that by giving back to others, we are improving our community. With the clients help, Northwestern Mutual strengthen businesses while enhancing people's lives. Also, Northwestern Mutual has a partnership with Alex Lemonade Stand Foundation in which they have founded 130,000 hours of research to advance the work of childhood cancer researchers.
Financial Strength:
Northwestern Mutual is recognized to have the highest financial strength ratings awarded to any life insurer.
This ensures financial strength, overall operations and attracts life-long clients.
Northwestern Mutual puts their people first by building strong relationships with their clients, employees, and financial representatives. I hope to be a part of Northwestern Mutual to enhance people's future by providing not only financial guidance but also the tools client's need in order to thrive.
Long term perspective
Every decision at Northwestern Mutual is made considering the future of people

Northwestern Mutual doesn't believe in taking immoderate risk for short-term gains that can ultimately affect long term gains.This is why they're able to help clients build a lifetime of financial security.

Why this Internship Porgram?
This Internship is one of the top 10 internships of America for 21 years that gives the intern a hands-on experience on helping clients build their financial future.
Customer Service Experience
Working at multiple retail stores and volunteering at different organizations gave me an insight of what it means to provide excellent customer service. In my past experiences out in the work-field, I made sure to put my customers first and to provide any further assistance to ensure that the customers were content before leaving the store. Also, I have encountered multiple personalities in the work-place and I know how to properly speak to people without them feeling offended or frustrated.
Time Management skills
Working over 20 hours a week, being a full-time student, and being involved on campus has allowed me to efficiently manage my time and properly organize my schedule in order to be successful in my day to day activities and long-term events.
Interest in giving back to the community
Since I was in middle school I have always had deep interest in giving back to the community. Until this day I have dedicated the extra time that I have to fundraise for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. With the help of 13 other people, we were able to fundraise 5,200 dollars in a matter of 7 weeks. Moreover, I understand the importance to give back to the community and making even the slightest difference in someones life.
What makes me the best fit?
  1. Passion in helping others and building strong relationships
  2. Extremely organized which allows me to manage my time effectively and succeed at work
  3. Although there may be some times where things may not go as planned or as I want, this will not discourage me, it will only make me stronger and able to learn from my mistakes. I'm always willing and open to learning new things.

Having these set of skills and mindset will make me the best fit for this financial advising position at Northwestern Mutual.

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