Affect Sleep Has Academics self designed exhbit #2

1. For this self designed exhibit I will look at the affect sleep has on academics. I will track my daily sleep patterns and my daily grades. I will also track my time spent studying to see if sleep affects that at all. I have always heard that sleeps affects everything about you and the more sleep you get the better off you'll be. I also think it will be interesting for myself because I know my sleep schedule is not the best and I could use more rest. For this exhibit I will track my sleep that I would regularly get then I will implement a better sleep routine and see how this affects my grades.

2. Hypothesis: As my sleep routine improves so will my grades

3. My study proves my hypothesis. The more sleep and the more regular it is the more I study and the better grades I make. Although I was only able to track my sleep for 3 weeks I feel this was very beneficial. Implementing a daily bed time and rise time really improved my academics. My week 1 total hours of sleep was not that drastically different from the other weeks. I think what made the biggest difference was going to bed and waking up at the same time everyday. This helped me see how important sleep is for academics. During weeks 2-3 I found that my motivation was drastically higher. I also was comprehending more of the stuff thought in class. I will try to stick to this sleep schedule as closely as I can after seeing the benefit of it.


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