Love, Lucy ...

Ciao ragazzi!! Another trip and another blog. Holy buckets do these things come up quick. I know I've said that time and time before, but if I could click pause and REWIND on this past month, scratch that, SEMESTER, I would. In a fricken heartbeat. The dreaded conversations about our 'lasts' are coming up all too frequently lately (and being quickly shut down) as we traveled to our last city in Italy this weekend (tears, real tears).

Sorrento, Positano, & Capri Italy- REAL photographs by @KatelynFarnen people, no copyright intended but wow, she's amazing right?!

HA! A joke right?! How could it be?! Last city in Italy? I refuse to believe it. But man, we could not have asked for a more beautiful one to go out on. Amalfi coast, you were GOOD to us. Despite the 4:30am wake up call (still without a phone as an alarm ha..ha..ha thx for waking me up @Abby), the 3 hour train ride to Naples, followed by an OVERLY packed hour long metro, and then a TWISTY and somewhat frightening bus ride along the coast, we made it to Positano!! We enjoyed a beach day with friends from both our Rome program & Madison (the worlds are meshing... ahh amazing), got some sun (NO 3rd degree burns ppl!! progress!!) and made ourselves an apertivo on the dock for sunset (cue diet of bread, meat, and chz for 2 full days). Besides the stressful, crowded, and unpleasant travel, it was quite a perfect afternoon to say the least.

What felt like a blink's night sleep (this month is killing me- but #abroadproblems am I right), we woke up Saturday morning for our boat day around the island of Capri (as my dad would say "tough life"). Sprinting around the grocery store for snacks for our 7 hour day, in addition to our rushed journey to the ferry at 8:30 am, it was one way to wake you up in the morning. The 9 of us enjoyed touring the island with our new friend Christian, who took us around the different grottos, bays, and attractions of Capri. One of the seven wonders of the WORLD exists here- the Blue Grotto (PSA: it gets its name from the color- can you tell?). Our overly kind Italian friend named Sergio threatened to toss me in more than once, and also jipped us 6 euro, but it was absolutely incredible to see in person. I can still hear the echoing of old Italian men singing in the cave... ahhh bliss.

Buono Pasqua! Happy Easter mi ragazzi! Sunday morning we were on a mission for some Easter brunch due to the fact we all were missing our fams (and their cooking) a little extra that day. Stumbling around the busy streets of Sorrento we came across an enclosed garden featuring white tablecloths, lemon trees and a pet bunny (it was a sign I think). All of us agreed it felt like the seasickness from the day before put us in a crazy dream where there was perfect food and perfect weather for an absolutely perfect brunch- lol nope!! real life!!

This is getting too long, and I do apologize (XOXO to those who still read these in detail. I really appreciate you). Sooooo HIGHS & LOWS

High: 1. SEAFOOD: the "catch of the day" - in reality, should've been "catch of the hour". These babies were SO fresh... straight from the restaurant's fishermen! We enjoyed mussels, calamari, shrimp, and sea bass this weekend. I'm spoiled. Send me home. I don't deserve it.

2. The ~views~ . Sometimes traveling can be so rushed and stressful, ESPECIALLY in large groups... but when you miss the bus home and have to wait an hour... sometimes its a blessing to be able to just sit and watch. Possitano was not a bad place to do so...

3. The small side streets covered in local shops, like the wood shop we stumbled into in Sorrento, are things I'm going to miss the most. This cute, little old Italian man who was about 85 and still building and selling wooden music boxes reminded me of my grandpa & I loved every second of it.


1. Traveling in big groups... pleasing people is hard in itself, but traveling with multiple people, who have multiple personalities, likes and dislikes gets difficult, and at times frustrating. BUT, again, #abroadproblems are so very small in the grand scheme of things, aren't they?

2. Easter Sunday travel. How could we forget the country shuts down on this very day!? We are neighbors with the Pope my people... SUCH a rookie mistake. So cheers to a taxi ride with a grandma and granddaughter from California in order to make our train from Naples. Ahhhh travel....

I don't even want to finish writing this because it brings us one step closer to the end. The end of the blogging, the end of the semester, the end of living in ITALY (I refuse these words to leave my lips until I'm Minneapolis bound on the 4th of May). So ciaoooooo ragazzi. See you TOO SOON.

Love, Lucy

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