Reverse Engineering a Disposable Camera By: Liam Mateo-Daly

Reverse Engineering can be very fun but it takes time so you don't break anything. Taking apart this disposable camera was fun and easy and we could just do it with just a screwdriver. There are 6 main parts to the camera. The casing, shutter, lenses, film, flash circuit, and the gas discharge tube.

This is the casing in the disposable camera. It protects the inside of the camera from getting damaged. It also protects the camera from being exposed from any light because that will damage all the inside materials in the camera.

This is the shutter. The purpose of it is to allow light to pass through for a determined period of time. It captures a permanent image of a scene to take the actual picture.

The piece in the middle inside the shutter is the lens. The purpose of a lens is to actually show the image when you are looking through the camera.

The piece in the right is the film. It is a strip of plastic and it displays the image when you actually look through the camera.

This piece is the Flash Circuit Board. It's purpose is to boost the camera to work. It gives the camera the energy to work and turn on. It's basically the brain of the whole disposable camera.

There is a tube inside the Flash Circuit Board that is the Gas Discharge Tube. It is filled with Xenon gas that produces light and energy for the flash to work. The tube is underneath the flash circuit board.


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