1920$ to The Depression By Robert Bencivenga

Home Life

Mexican Americans

Mexican Americans were welcomed into America at the beginning of the 1920s .
However in the 1930s they were deported and discriminated against.


Women in the 1920s were very enthusiastic and pushed for their rights.
Women in the depression reverted to more traditional ideals and made things themselves to save money.

Leisure Time


Women in the 1920s were adventurous and spent an extensive amount of time out at speakeasies.
In the 1930s women had to work very hard to get by so they cherished their time by the radio.


Farmers in the 1920s had nothing to do because they were so secluded from urban areas.
In the 1930s some farmers had radios to use in their minuscule break time.



Farmers were in a very bad economic state during the 1920s.
Though their economic state couldn't get much worse they were hit with horrible dust storms that didn't help.


Stockbrokers in the 1920s were among the richest people, they had the best luxuries.
This just gave them farther to fall in the depression.
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Robert Bencivenga

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