The Beautiful Nature in Canada by roaa

The beauty of Canada's trees shows how much nature can give. This contrast in the colors and darkness shows how the element value can create beautiful effects.
In this photo, the sky in Canada shows an amazing view. The white clouds in the value of different blues creates a soft texture that anyone would love to see!
As the snow falls on the roofs of the Canadian houses, it creates an amazing scene that can make up your day. Shapes in this image in the fence and the parts of the houses(windows, doors, ect..) creates an extraordinary effect on the photo.
This image is a scene of a coniferous tree when snow is falling, this zoomed in picture created an amazing view of texture that no one would have actually noticed it before
This image is in Canada when it was raining. The shallow depth of field was present, it showed the beauty of the water drops on the window with a background of trees and grass.
The frozen lake in the winter of Canada emphasized the beauty of Canada's landscapes. The intersecting lines of the trees also gave an effect. Small lines and big lines are the ones who created this picture
This image is the frozen lake as well, but the sun is the emphasize here, it shows the beauty of the contrast between cold and warm. The light of the sun shows how it is shiny and warm while the lake is frozen!
This variety image includes shapes(fences), lines(branches of the trees) texture(clouds) colors, and value. It is an amazing picture that makes you feel relaxed. What an amazing view In Canada!
This image of the squirrel in winter shows the different lifeforms in Canada. Although it is so cold, the squirrel is still working hard to find himself food and a home in this tree, his eyes can emphasize much, the beauty of this creature is wordless
This image shows the beauty of the sunset in Canada. Colors are everywhere, blue, purple, red, pink, orange, yellow, and even grey. Even when the sun leaves, it gives beautiful colors for us and the trees to be happy with.
The value of the shadows creates and effect to watch. This is a picture of the frozen lake as well. But from a different place...the color contrast of the sky creates an amazing view . What a beautiful day!
This image of the cute little rabbit eating shows how Canada can have lots and lots of lifeforms. It can be an example of lines and emphasis as well. Lines are everywhere on the floor, and the rabbit is so white in contrast with the brownish colors surrounding it..
What a snowy day in Canada! This tree covered in snow can be an example of texture,. Snow is so soft and the tree is kind of poky, an amazing view that is peaceful enough to make us feel relaxed and happy!
This image shows the shiny sparks of snows covering almost everything, it shows how snow can give light in the dark nights. The variety of different elements present creates a nice effect, texture in the snow, shapes in the houses, and the emphasize of the light can drag our eyes all over the photo to see the beatify of the scene. It can also demonstrate shallow depth of field, since the ground snow is in focus as we are able to see the particles, while everything else is kind off blurry.
This is the sunset in Canada, a beautiful view that everyone loves to watch over and over again. This image shows emphasis in the darkness of the trees that drag our eyes to it compared to the light soft color of the surrounding.
This picture was taken when it was snowing. The view of the snow and how it was covering the grass was amazing. This photograph demonstrates value of whiteness of the snow. It can also demonstrate texture in the snow and the crystal particles of it. It can also emphasize shape by the fence's rectangular wooden plates.
This picture is in one of the beautiful forests of Canada. It emphasizes the natural, beautiful mess of the trees combines with the plants, and the peaceful snow that covers everything up. This photograph includes lines in the branches, and shapes in the tree trunks and other plants.

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