Village of Little Suamico. Made By David Drown

Local Government Leaders:

Elmer Raigen: Chair Person, Nikki Tolzmen: clerk, David Prybal: Supervisor, Douglas Allen: Supervisor, Mike Miller builder inspector.

Minutes Here January February <----- Link Here

Number one: Economic business, they want to add more businesses to the area. They fixed their issues and they are building more public buildings. What I think is, I think it was a good idea to improve the economics of the area to be stronger. Aswell I think they should make business that people actually would need, don't just build like a pottery store or something. They should build something that people would need like grocery stores and supplie stores.

List of other four events/issues

Recycling fee: they wanted to fix the fee on the recycling. They fixed the issue and improved the fee on it. Feb 1rst 2017 Motion Passed

Road Report: they wanted to add more salt and signs during the weather. They fixed the issue and they decided to add more signs to the local area aswell more salt for the roads. No Date Added

Funding Ocdc, they decided not to help fund the organization to save money. I think it was a good idea to save money and to be able to spend the money on more needed problems.

New residential buildings, they wanted to build more building for the public and so they agreed to make more residential buildings.

Location On Map of town hall

Website URL to Wisconsin Little Saumico site <---- site to the little saumico website

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