Cobra BY Tessa


The cobra has a strong body and uses it to survive. For example, the Cobras body can be as big as 18 to 20 feet long. Also, Another thing about the Cobras body is that they can hiss loudly like a dog. It uses air from its lungs to blow up its hood, which is the bones in the back of its head, and make it expand. These are different ways that a Cobras body is strong and helps the cobra to survive.

Cobras strath


A cobra is spitting venom

The Cobras venom is vary poisonous. For example the cobra can kill a elephant with its venom. Also they can spit right into there predator's eyes. In fact, they are the only animal that can spit venom. They can spit and spray venom 6 feet. Also the sea snake has deadlier venom than the cobra. The rattlesnake has weaker venom than the cobra. That is all about the cobra's venom.


The Cobra's habitat is very warm. The places they live is Africa,Australia and southern Asia. Also they Live in underground holes, in trees and under rocks. There habitat are very interesting.


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