BUSI 331 Case Study By: Jonathan Anderson, Andrew Crowell, John Hendricks, Dylan Hudson, Laura Mc Clean, Christian Schick

Research Questions

  1. Do consumers prefer Dell products over competitors products?
  2. What are the common age ranges that purchase Dell products?
  3. Are Dell’s prices competitive with other brands?

Null Hypotheses

  1. Competitors products are preferred over Dell products.
  2. The consumers who purchase Dell products are primarily from a specific age range.
  3. Dell’s prices are not competitive with the market.

Alternative Hypotheses

  1. Dell products are preferred over competitors products.
  2. The consumers who purchase Dell products are from different age ranges.
  3. Dell’s prices are competitive with the market.

Major Findings

  • Price point is correct. If Dell raises price 5%, they lose 40% of respondents.
  • 96.2% said they would at least probably buy again.
  • Dell's prices are considered not competitive due the fact that their prices are unable to fluctuate even 5%.


  • We are rejecting the null hypothesis for the first two null hypothesis statements.
  • We accept the null hypothesis for the third null hypothesis.


  • Dell should maintain current price point, while attempting to add value.
  • Dell should increase quality of their products to increase price.
  • Dell should extend their marketing efforts to all age ranges, due to the fact that there is no specific age range that buys their products.


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