Join The Right Team by Maximilian A. Heinrich, Quazim Kareem, and Jamil Hasson

How do you use the “Six Thinking Hats” model and the "Myers-Briggs Type Indicator" (MBTI) Team-Building approaches to create the right team?

For you to use 6 Hats method of creating teams you have to Provide creativity, Provide mixed positives and negative feedback, and provide team leadership

On the other hand MBTI goals you have to provide creativity, Provide Mixed quick and extended decision making, Provide mixed logical and mixture and intuitive thinking.

What are the main benefits of heterogeneous teams?

  1. The tendency to engage in and enjoy effortful endeavors.
  2. As a moderator of the relationships between both age and diversity and educational specialization diversity and elaboration of task-relevant information, collective team identification and team performance.

What are the main disadvantages/challenges of heterogeneous teams?

  1. Greater demographic diversity led to group normal emphasizing lower cooperation among student teams and officers from ten business units of a financial services firm.
  2. There may be inequality among group members, people may feel unequal for members to be able to communicate about things inside the group due to their ethnicity or ideals.

These particular two methods do not always form the most productive, creative, or collaborative teams. So when would using these methods still be useful, and why?

There are so many engineers with different personalities, you can't just put them into groups that one can assume are alike. These methods would be useful in a small project, like a school project or group class assignment. In these small kind of groups you can put people with some of the same interests or with the same birthdays.

When would these methods of forming teams NOT be as useful, and why not?

Research shows just how bad people often are at teamwork. Most of the time research shows team members don’t even agree on what the team is supposed to be doing. Getting agreement is the leader’s job, and she must be willing to take great personal and professional risks to set the team’s direction. And if the leader isn’t disciplined about managing who is on the team and how it is set up, the odds are slim that a team will do a good job.

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