Aotearoa by charlotte

some traditions from the maori culture are the huka which is a traditional dance another big tradition is the maori legends which are passed down through generations of family.
cannibulism is inportant to the new zealenders because it is to get revenge on enemy tribes. they also believe that by eating the flesh of a warrior they would get the warriors braveory.
the traditional clothes for a girl are kakahu and puipui the traditional clothes for a man are the puipui.
new zealand was founded by a polynesian named kupe who came from an island called hawaiki. he used stars and ocean currents to find his way to aotearoa which translates to the great white cloud he then setteled new zealand.
some maori legends are the legend maui and the magic fish hook, the legend of kupe and the discovery of aotearoa, and the legend of creation.
the inportance of maori moko are each moko represents either tribal messages, family messages, or there position in the social structure.
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