Prokol Polymers UK Seamless Cold Roof Deck Application for AFFINITY SUTTON GROUP

The Asset Owner

Main Contractor

Waterproofing Manufacturer

The Client Brief & Requirements

Following a meeting with the clients main contractor Breyer Group Plc Prokol Polymers UK were asked to look to provide a fast long term solution to a long standing water ingress problem on a concrete deck. The challenge was in situ residents who used the deck to enter and exit their dwellings, the areas needed to stay traffic ready constantly especially in the case of emergency. The other challenge was to waterproof the exposed concrete deck quickly as there were retail businesses units directly below suffering extensive water damage. There were also high levels of personal effects that littered this public walkway, such as planters children's toys etc. The Podium deck was considered a cold roof deck and was not subject to Prokol warm roof upgrade as advised by the client.

Internal Damage from Water Ingress Through the Old Asphalt Deck

Internal Damage Was Minimal Here Compared to Other Shops

This Was the Communal Walkway Prior to Commencement of Works

Survey Stage

Following our instructed survey various core samples & moisture tests were taken from the deck to assess the level of current water ingress, with core samples were taken over three number areas by Prokol Polymers UK Technical Operatives. The results showed a required minimum 5 - 7% moisture content to continue with a product specification to designed to completely tank this upper cold roof deck.

Waterproofing Open Specification Stage

Prokol Polymers 136T Hydrophobic Pure Polyurea Seamless Membrane was specified to fully encapsulate the existing asphalt saving the extra cost to the client of removal and waste disposal. Prokol issued an open specification so if any product type had to change it could be adjusted instantly, with a new revised or updated specification issued with minutes to the client.

Hydrophobicity Image

Watch the Video Link Explaining Hydrophobic Coating Benifits

When speaking with the client also the option of removing the existing failing asphalt waterproofing system back to the 150 mm concrete deck was omitted due to high levels of interruption, this was the preferred specification route by Prokol Polymers UK technical inspectors. So the option to simply overcoat the existing membrane was opted for by the client with reinstatement of new paving wear course to finish & complement the final application.

Seamless Prokol Hydrophobic Pure Polyurea Tanked Podium Deck

New Paving Slab Deck Applied Over The Prokol 136T Seamless Pure Polyurea

Neat Drain Detail Finish

Neat Penetration Sealed into The Seamless Coating Membrane

Neat Transition of Coating Around the Handrail Base, Usually Blown Asphalt Holds Water Allowing Corrosion to Destroy the Handrail Structural Fixing.

Prokol Polymers Quality Inspector Checking the Approved Applicators Workmanship

Prokol Polymers Quality Inspector Surveys the Completed Project Ready for Sign Off & Manufacturer Warranty Issue, 30 Year Minimum Manufacturer Warranty Was Applied to This Application.

Prokol Polymers are an ISO Registered Company.

Stair Coating One Point of Escape

Prokol Polymers were also requested to complete the seamless membrane with an anti-slip finish to the access stair well, landings and lobby area. The chemically resistant coating will stop the penetration of foul odours an allow for hygienic and thorough germ free cleaning. The 8 second cure coating could also be used constantly during application in case of urgent access or fire escape, the coating also has zero VOC's (volatile organic compounds) and zero odour. In fact the Prokol Pure Polyurea has food contact approval and water contact certification BS6920 its that safe.

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