Digital Artwork Paintings

The Header

I did the tracing years ago. I cloned the image but only traced the contours. This way, the original colours became the lines and the palette.

Rose & Buds

It took several tries but now it is finish.

Moon with flies

To Create the graphic, I used different applications.

The background I did with Corel Painter 2018 and some adjustments with Photoshop.

The stickers are from ArtRage.

Been trying to add a vine to this vetch but did not succeed until now with ArtRage 6. The background is from Topaz Studio textures.
Flower Portrait
Wild Berries

Created with watercolour brushes from the latest version of, Painter.

The reference photo is from the wild part of my garden.

I started by creating the paper (background) in Photoshop.

The colours are from the reference photo.

Some of my paintings will be featured in my books.

Created By
Joanne Mckinnon

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