Inject Creativity Live Wednesday 28th July 2021

What's on tonight?

Tim, Jerry and I were joined by:

  • Clara Galan - Global Adobe Education Team
  • Craig Daalmeijer-Power - Adobe Education Leader
  • Adrian Bruch - Adobe Education Leader
  • Brett Salakas - Teacher-Speaker-Leader-Poet (NSW)
  • Paul McClean – Director of Rare Innovation (NZ)
But first!
And NOW...

Clara Galan joined us to share the huge range of resources that will be presented at the Global Adobe Education Summit starting today (US time - 28th July 2021).

She shared that a lot of the resources will be available on the Adobe for Education YouTube Channel

Craig Daalmeijer-Power and Adrian Bruch shared with us their collaborations on the Exquisite Corpse project:

And THEN...

Tim and I were joined by Brett Salakas and Paul McClean!

Brett Salakas

A fabulous example of livestreaming collaboration was guided by Brett tonight, who took us through a joint construction practice in Adobe Spark Video.

He invited our live audience as well as Tim and me to contribute ideas based on featured poetic devices from a pre-prepared Adobe Spark Video template he created, designed to guide students through experimenting with different devices based around a unifying theme; a sunrise.

Taking suggestions from us and from the live chat, he built a demonstration of how this process can work with a group of students in DOUBLE TIME, valiantly striving to stay within his presentation window. The time FLEW BY!

Brett then finished by laying in some voiceover, reading each segment of the poem. The completed work is shared below.

Our thought leader for this episode is...

Paul McClean from Rare Innovation

Paul shared with us his thoughts around whether timetables in schools allow space for a creative paradigm. He discussed the challenges of scheduling in COVID times, including the issues around:

  • Delivery of repetition above learning
  • Teacher-centred practice
  • Shortened timeframes
  • Reinforcement of a grades-based approach.

He sees value in students having time to creatively apply their brains in all subjects, rather than being expected to 'shift gears' between their 'science brain/maths brain/english brain'.

Paul shared his belief in the value of a multi-curricula approach, from singular subjects to integration. He has shared some articles on the Adobe Education Exchange and is asking for input and feedback: https://adobe.ly/3f3GWOQ & https://edex.adobe.com/member/37cc25

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