Does using your phone while driving impair driving ability? By : Riley coughlin and Peter Rocco

Hypothesis- Using your phone while driving does not impair your driving ability.
Variables. Independent variable- the conditions the driver was under while completing the race either with or without his phone Dependent variable- the time it took the driver to complete the race Control group- driving the simulated game without using your phone Experimental group- driving the simulated game while using your phone

Introduction- Texting and driving is something that many people across the country practice on a daly basis. Although it is illegal in almost all states people still practice it all of the time. Texting is not the only way people use their phones on the roads. Using apps and social media is also very commonly seen on the roads. But could a simple glance at your phone really affect your driving so much as to causing harm to you and people around you? Our hypothesis is that since people are commonly multi-tasking throughout the course of the day, texting and driving is does not affect your driving in a huge way. We will be testing our hypothesis at a movie theatre that offers a driving game where you can get the time it took you to complete the course.

Our procedure for this test is we will have five students drive the simulated car race with an objective at finishing with your best possible time. The students will race the car twice, once while texting and once while not texting. We believe the distraction of the phone will not be severe enough to completely change their race scores. Since people are always doing multiple things at one time the phone distraction should not be too much of a difference.

Most young high school students are always trying too keep up with more than one thing in life, as simple as walking the dog while trying to study for a big test the next day. Or trying to watch tv while also doing your homework. We believe that since young teenage boys are always trying to deal with the distractions in life that a glance at your phone should not completely throw off your driving ability as we are so used to distractions.

Texting and driving is a very controversial topic right now that many people are talking about. We chose to test this age group because high school boys face the most distractions in life, from keeping up with grades to trying to stay popular or making your school sport team. They are so caught up with doing two things at once that they just get used to it. We believe that there familiarity at multi tasking will make it a lot easier to be distracted while driving. People who are faced with less distractions would be much worse at handling this so we chose people who are familiar with it.

TOOLS NEEDED- 1. Five people were needed to ride the the simulated car and get their results. 2. A simulated car game to test the scores driving with a phone and without one. 3. A video camera to film the car riding. 4. A great team to get the job done.
Procedure- In order to complete this project our team of five people went to a movie theatre where they had two video racing car games. We had all five people race while texting and while not texting. We examined the times that the driver at the time scored and compared them to when he was texting and driving to when he was not. We then took our data and plugged it into a graph to get our final result which proved texting while driving severely affects your awareness and your ability to stay focused on the road.
Results- After completing our experiment, our results showed a common pattern of everyone doing worse while using their phone and driving. No one got a better score while driving with their phone or even a score within 10 seconds from their first race, which in this experiment is a huge amount of time. This experiment proved our hypothesis wrong across the board with every test subject.



Project Video

Discussion- After completing this experiment it is evident that using your phone while driving definitely impairs your ability to drive effectively and safely. While doing this project it was clear that the times were significantly slower because the driver was crashing into the walls of the course a lot more or they were trying to drive cautiously so they were driving extremely slow. Both of these factors show that besides each person performing worse score wise, they are a hazard to themselves and others on the road. Statics such as "texting makes a crash up to 23 times more likely" are more clear now after this experiment because besides hearing just numbers we got to experience how hard it is to actually do both. This experiment brought a popular social topic we hear about everyday from the news to normal conversions to life by proving even some of today's best multi-taskers are unable to

Conclusion- After seeing our project we believe that it was a very successful one on the effects of texting and driving. As more people our age approach the driving age it is very useful to know the effects on driving texting and using your phone has. The conclusions we came to proved our hypothesis wrong and texting and driving very much affects the decision making and time you have to react on the road. Teens who approach driving should no the devastating effects it can have on their life by making the decision to use their phone.

As I first stated in my introduction I thought that texting while driving as a teen will not have many effects on driving ability because of how much multi-tasking teens do. The results proved me wrong and we concluded that it is near impossible to multi-task on the road with your phone. Some people believe that multi-tasking helps a person reach their final goal as they are able to lock in and get the job done. That is very different while driving because you have to make very quick split decisions. If you are looking down at a screen and get cut off by a car or run a stop sign, life changing effects are likely to happen. People should know about these effects before they decide to text and drive.

Although our test results proved us to be wrong, we believe that we learned a lot about the effects of texting and driving from our science experiment. It informed us about the dangers of using a phone while driving. The results we collected from this experiment may sound unrealistic, but it is truly extremely hard to multi-task while driving and in the end not worth it. We hope that many drivers can protect themselves from the harm and dangers by just not using their phone while driving.

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