Properties of Water Nicholas Houston and Jack Buckley

This lab showed polarity during part D when we added salt to water. The salt sank to the bottom and spread apart after we mixed it which demonstrating low or no polarity. Later in part D we poured cooking oil in the water and it clumped together and floated at the top because it had high polarity.

Cooking oil in water

Surface Tension and Cohesion were demonstrated during part B when we put the water on the wax paper and he water stayed in little droplets and when we started moving the wax paper around the droplets started eating each other.

Water droplets

We saw an example of adhesion in part C when we saw the paper clip on top of the water.

Paper clip on water


Created with images by fdecomite - "Olive oil" • Ed Townend - "Blue Water Droplets (IMG_3637)" • jonboy mitchell - "Floatin Paperclip"

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