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1. ARTS: Arts is the best achivment of the Ming souly because of there architecture. One amazing architectural design they had was the ambisios job of building 300 ships to create one of the biggest fleets known to man. Also the had made some improvments on the great wall to help stop vandals and potential threats.

2: social: China was not known as a social establishment in any dynasty but one the ming dynasty making social a big achivment for the ming dynasty. for example the ming took its fleet to the east cost of africa and parts of india incountering people other than themselves. Also they keep doors of china open for only the lifespan of Zheng he's fleet to other people.

3.Intellect: the ming had many great achievments in there time. for example they had restored the great wall with a better salution to keep the bricks and stone sturdy as well as add new defence atachments. They also built a fleet of 300 ships that would travel all over the east cost of africa and india ect.

4.politics: The ming had a great sturdy goverment with very little curruption. For example the ming had people called censors who watched over goverment officials to look for any curruption and stop it. also there were bureaucrats who woyuld watch over citizens to detect crime and stop it at its source.

5.religion: religion was known around the min quite well and was practiced. The ming prscticed a type of budisum as one way of religion. an alternative to buddisum was taoisum another way Ming could practice religion.

6. economy: Ming dynasties economy was vary poor : when the ming tried to have paper currancy which lead to alot of counterfitting in the dynasty. Also this procces lead to hyperinflation causing the value of curancy to drop durasticly.

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