Southbank I could have killed Dan Barreiro

So the story goes like this, The Batman Lego movie was being promoted all over the place and the and the word on the proverbeal street was that Lego were making an 8ft Batman, Robin and Bat-a-rang and placing them at South Bank. Well a few closet nerds in the Area Sq design department got wind of this and they all discussed going over at different times of the day to see it, I was told by Usaine Bolt (Dan Burrito) that it was on for at least 20 days so we had plenty of time to check it out.

Large format graphic design on the side of the Globe.
Cheap rent?

Fun Fact:

Cardinal Cap Alley is an alley in Bankside. It used to lead to a brothel called the The Cardinal's Cap which was so-called because it had been owned by Henry Beaufort, the Bishop of Winchester, who had paraded here, wearing his red hat, after being appointed a cardinal by the Pope.

Typography in its many forms

The next day, I had a quite day, so I thought I'd go and see the cool set up at South Bank, so I get up extra early, get to Liverpool Street at stupid o'clock and talk a work to work, then think lets go see Batman, with Dan's assurance of it being there for 20 days I hurried off to South Bank, bearing in mind I had a heavy leg training session that morning, my little legs had already taking a battering. I walked, then walked some more, looking at cool things along the way, an underground skate park with cool graffiti, Shakespeare globe, ITV studios, a bridge, London eye, Houses of Parliament? Ok, so I walked a bit too far, but I thought I would have seen an 8ft Lego Batman by now.

I won't tell you how it smelt...

Its now drizzling, cold and I have Dan Calligari text me and concerned message on my whereabouts, I try to text him with my frozen fingers, all the while realising I am in the exact spot where Batman was, but alas he was gone, nowhere to be seen. Not happy and looking like a drowned rat I walked back to the office. When I get to my desk I see Usaine standing in front of me and laughing at me and mentioning something like 'oh yeah, they took it down last night and forgot to tell you'.

(Batman was here!)

ll was not wasted though, I saw some cool things, typography, signage, large format graphics, graffiti and architecture, so all not lost. Moral of the story is, don't listen to Dan B and get yourself down to South Bank, theres cool stuff there.

Just cool graphic design


Photos by Bash on an iphone 7plus (I have an iphone 6plus for sale)

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