Eleanor & Park By: Rainbow RoweLl

The novel Eleanor and Park takes place in a small town in Omaha, Nebraska. The book makes the town feel smaller because everyone seems to know everyone and what they're doing. The town isn't very nice and gossip spreads very quickly between everyone.

During the novel, there are several specific places. One of the specific places is the school bus (to their high school). It's cramped because there are just enough seats for everyone. The School Bus is an important place in the story, because it's one of the only places where both Eleanor and Park can meet. The other place is a high school which seems like a normal school with classrooms, a gym, lockers, etc.
The novel starts on August 1986, when I read the book, I imagine a more retro city with things/items that we don't use or need now. Everything feels older and outdated because of the ambiance the book sets up. It's also because of the writing style that gets you into that older mindset.

Omaha, Nebraska snows during early winter to spring. But, snow isn't emphasized an important aspect of the book. Omaha is on the Missouri River and is close to the Iowa border. It is the largest city in Nebraska. The city seems to be split up between the downtown area (more stores and city like) and the town area (more towns and country side) I assume the novel takes place more in the town area because of the smaller population and because the book never references any buildings or city places.

The overall population in the book is small compared to the Omaha (the largest city in the state). The population is mostly white (which makes sense when Park jokes that he's one of the only Korean in the school). Overall, the population seems a bit less privileged compared to other places.

Two of the items that help time stamp the book is a tape player (1963) which is what Park listens to on the bus and later gives it to Eleanor to "experience" music. Another item is a Chevy Impala which was made from 1958-now. The car was supposed to be a gift to Park once he gets his drivers license (and learns to drive manual by his dad).

Park mood is relaxed and cheerful but also can get annoyed quickly if he is threatened or hurt (physically or emotionally). Eleanor's mood very bouncy and energetic but also cranky and confining at times when she doesn't share information about her. The overall mood for the book is a mix of excitement and romance but hopeless at times when some days just don't go right.
Setting is important in Eleanor and Park because Eleanor doesn't want Park to see her house because it's small and unfinished. She feels embarrassed because Park is rich with a nice, big house compared to her small, rundown house. Since the town isn't a rich town she feels that Park's house seems out of place, like she doesn't deserve him even if they go to the same school. The school environment makes the book feel more relatable because it has similarities to a everyday life for a kid.
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