Economic Growth

The Radio

("Old Radio")
  • The radio started broadcasting in 1920.
  • The first broadcast was done by KDKA
  • 1922 there were 60 radio stations in the US
  • Between 1920 and 1930 over 60% of families had radios
  • Many things were broadcasted like sporting events and weather updates


  • Invented by Alexander Fleming in 1928
  • Discovered by Fleming on Accident after coming home to his lab
  • It breaks down bacteria so its an antibiotic
  • One of the most important medical discoveries ever
  • Used to treat infections

The Vacuum

("1920's Vacuum")
  • Was built in 1860 by Daniel Hess but called the carpet sweeper
  • In the 1920 was improved to increase effectivity
  • In 1920 disposable bags were added for connivence
  • In 1924 a Swedish man introduced the Electrolux tank vacuum
  • Hoover amped up the dirt removal of their vacuums in 1926

The Washing Machine

("1920 Washing Machine")
  • Built in 1908
  • Became popular in the 1920's
  • More innovations were made during the 1920's
  • Used a wooden drum to wash clothing


  • Invented by Sir Frederick Banting in 1922
  • Banting believed that the pancreas held the key to insulin
  • Experimented with dog's Pancreas to get results.
  • Eventually found that the medication was able to lower the blood sugar
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