COURSES : Basic Reinforced Concrete Detailing - 25th January - 26th January - AND - Concrete Technology - 9th February Clayton Hotel, Cardiff Book: Tel 01446 775959 or email

We have places available on the following training courses:

1.Basic Reinforced Concrete Detailing

Use of the ISE SMDSC (3rd Edition) and EC2 (2 days)

Date: Wednesday 25th January - Thursday, 26th January 2017

Venue: Clayton Hotel, Cardiff

Course Fee: 520 + VAT

To Book: Tel 01446 775959 or email

An entry level course to cover the basic principles behind reinforced concrete (RC) detailing, highlighting different aspects of the detailing process and their effects on the construction process plus consideration of the process from an Engineering Designer’s perspective in achieving good practice and economic detailing held over 2 days.

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this course delegates will:

• Have a good basic knowledge of the RC detailing process, potential pitfalls and how to avoid them.

• Recognise the effects of good / poor detailing on projects and have the confidence / ability to detail simple RC elements providing a sound base on which to progress if desired.

Aims and Objectives:

On completion of this course delegates should be able to:

• Determine the most suitable format for detailing within given time / financial constraints.

• Define individual responsibilities within the detailing process, apply the appropriate checks and Code clauses to ensure compliance.

• Determine how to select the correct reinforcement layout to suit both the design and buildability considerations.

• Avoid common pitfalls when detailing by the application of basic good practice rules.

• Establish what information is required of the Detailer, how to present it, plus where to source information required by them to complete their work efficiently.

• Apply basic principles to help with progressively more complex detailing.

Course Outline:

• Documentation and Principles

o What the Detailer needs to produce

o Why the information is required

o Who uses what piece of information and why

o Useful places / publications / information sources for the Detailer

• Drawing Practices

o Standard guidelines for the production of both General Arrangement and Reinforcement drawings

• Detailing Methods

o Differences in Detailing for the Consultant and the Contractor

o Economy in detailing, providing the right information for the right price

• Laps / Anchorages / Curtailment

o Definitions, application and guidance on the required lengths using the ISE Standard Method (SMDSC).

• Cover / Large radius bends / Torsion & Shear Links

o Definitions, governing criteria and identification from BS 8666 (2005)

• Element Detailing

o Use of proprietary systems, Couplers, Kwikastrip, Rollmat & Shear Rails

o Detailing exercises for each elements followed by in depth discussion on basic good practice detailing for common elements (potential to tailor to Client specific requirements)

Mode of Delivery:

The course is designed to be an interactive process with continuous delegate feedback / discussion based around individual experience and requirements set against the different topics covered in the Course content to include exercises. Use of A2 Drawing Boards.

Benefits Perceived by Participants:

• The confidence, ability and understanding to detail simple RC elements regardless of previous knowledge / experience.

• An overall understanding of where detailing fits within the construction process and the theory behind it.

• An appreciation of flexible good practice detailing and the importance of error reduction within the completed drawings and schedules.

Intended for:

Novice / entry level (ONC / HNC) Civil / Structural Technicians and Detailers ideally from a Designer / Consultant background OR other Construction Industry Professionals wishing to gain a basic insight and understanding of the RC detailing process. Previous experience in detailing is not a pre-requisite.

Pre-Course Requirements:

It is mandatory that delegates bring to the course a copy of the ISE Standard Method of Detailing Structural Concrete. A calculator, pencil, eraser and scale rule will also be required

Course Duration

2 day (12 hours) IPD/CPD

PLEASE NOTE: All our public courses are intended to proceed on the scheduled date, subject to sufficient subscriptions – please check course status prior to making any travel bookings

2. Concrete Technology

Introductory course in concrete properties and materials

Date: Thursday, 9th February 2017

Venue: Clayton Hotel, Cardiff

Course Fee: £260 + VAT

To Book: Tel 01446 775959 or email

It is said that concrete is the most important construction material used by Mankind. This is partly due to the huge volumes produced and also due to the unique way in which concrete changes from its fresh, wet consistence to develop into strong and long-lasting structural elements.

Some concrete may be purely utilitarian; some may need to be visually appealing or designed to resist aggressive environments and this new training course is designed as an appreciation of the processes involved in making a success of every concreting operation.

Course Objectives:

At the end of the course, participants will have received training that will enable them to:

• define current terminology used in the context of fresh and hardened concrete

• select appropriate types of cement, aggregates, admixtures and water for production of concrete

• select suitable consistence classes of fresh concrete for specific applications

• recognize the importance of cohesion and take action in the event of segregation

• manage ways of preventing early-age cracking

• perform tests on fresh and hardened concrete

• state permitted tolerances on slump

• specify strength properties of concrete

• apply conformity criteria for concrete strength

• perform quality control tests on fresh and hardened concrete

• achieve a high-quality surface finish in concrete.

Course Outline:

The course covers the properties of concrete and its constituent materials, giving an appreciation of the factors that are essential to the successful production, use and construction of concrete. It provides the necessary sound materials basis for participants enrolling on the Symmons Madge training course Concrete Specifications.

Intended for:

The course is suitable for a wide range of personnel engaged in the construction industry, particularly those responsible for drawing up, checking or interpreting concrete specifications and whose work calls for an appreciation of concrete technology including the choice of materials, a working knowledge of relevant current Standards and correct terminology applied to concrete.

Course Duration:

PLEASE NOTE: All our public courses are intended to proceed on the scheduled date, subject to sufficient subscriptions – please check course status prior to making any travel bookings

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