A Blastoise's life

Blastoise in the morning has a balanced breakfast.

After, that he goes out to battle.

Blastoise typical day his eat battle sleep repeat.

Blastoise has been waiting to be caught by a trainer.

Blastoise is very different from regular turtles. He lives in a house and eats human foods.

His favorite dinner is Pizza.

Blastoise has a great life and daily routine. He wakes up at 6:00AM.

So now you know the life of a Blastoise. If, however you encounter one on your smartphone on Pokémon go never forget a razz berry ultra ball. They might hard to catch, if one runs from you that's too bad!☹️🐢


Created with images by Stewart_Whaley - "Squirtle_003_Blastoise" • Pexels - "underwater turtle sea turtle" • haaijk - "oat oats overnight" • Seamus Murray - "Taking the Sun" • Kirsa Aloix - "Pokeball Mesh" • juhansonin - "Udo as Pokemon trainer!" • www.metaphoricalplatypus.com - "House" • andersbknudsen - "Pizza" • Stewart_Whaley - "Squirtle_003_Blastoise"

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