Burberry Emma Lark, Kayla Bilderback, Maggie Manqu Wang

It seems that those talking about Burberry cannot afford to actually buy the brand!
Most of the social media posts were in English
Mainly younger people are talking about Burberry

The Chinese consumer is very important to Burberry's sales. However, social media is extremely limited in China and we were not able to find evidence on Infegy to back this!

Overall, Burberry has very positive sentiment and is talked about more by women than men.
Burberry's Passion Score is fairly low on average.

There has been little shifting in consumer's emotions regarding Burberry. Not a lot of excitement has been generated.

Key Events that Drove Social Media Postings

Burberry is currently facing a number of issues like fewer tourists visiting Europe due to recent terrorist attacks, disinterested Chinese consumers, low purchase intent, and shipping issues in other countries.

Britain's exit from the European Union has affected most luxury brands, but has it affected Burberry?

Yes! Burberry, like a lot of other retailers, had a boost in sales due to the low exchange rate between British Pound and Chinese Yuan.

However, Burberry's sales were already down from what they should be and the boost from "Brexit" was not enough to get sales back to where they should be.

What do we recommend?

Improve website messaging for countries that Burberry does not ship to.
Burberry currently sells fragrance on Flipkart - increasing partnerships with similar platforms in different countries to widen availability of product.
Continue developing and focus on fragrance! Fragrance has a 9.5% purchase intent while Burberry overall has only a 1.5% purchase intent!
Burberry needs to spark the interest in consumers! Passion is low for the brand overall and consumers want to see something new they can get excited about!

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