Water Biome Plants By;Nohemi Salazar


A water plant needs to have certain things to it to make sure it survives in this biome.There main adaptation is Aerenchymaca a spongy tissue that form air channels in the leaves ,stem and roots.It works as a pathway to let gases through such as oxygen troughout the plant above the water and the submerged part.They have flat leaves to let it float,waxy surface to control water intake.


Algae is one of the plants that adapts very easily to blend in with or overcome any challenge of their environment.This is a totally submerged plant and it's quite unique compared to all the other water plants because it can actually survive underwater.

Sea grass

They have long grass like leaves.They have little air pockets called lacunae and veins that travel nutrients and water throughout the plant.They have a thin cuticle layer instead of stomata (tiny pores that open and close to control water intake).

Water lily

The water lily is an example of a floating plant that is anchored by their roots to bottom of the body of water.Chloroplasts are present only on the surface of the leaves that are exposed to the sun. Another important adaptation of water lilies is the lateral spreading of their leaf canopy. Water lilies depend upon the surface of the waters they live on, making them more stable in freshwater pond and lake situations, where water is typically still and calm.


The cattail is an example of a partially submerged plant. They can be found in swamps, bogs and wetlands.They have waxy leaves that protect them from the water.Chloroplasts on both sides to take advantage of the sun when they are emerged.They also tend to be tall, in order to get emergency sunlight. The brown flower located at the top of the plant is densely packed with seeds.

My Design

Using the Flat leave of the water lily and making a type of holder for when you are in the pool and have to have phone of something with you.It would be made from the bottom of something that can act like leaves and a clear plastic as a container that will float and will protect your phone at the same time.The leave container will float like it makes the water Lily's float.


Created with images by stux - "water lily nymphaea lake rose" • telix2000 - "change lake grass" • b_lumenkraft - "photowalk with @loonama and @dakleeman..." • shaferlens - "water lily and shadow" • synspectrum - "Cattails"

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