What to do with the Mascots? By Joey Sanchez

I do think teams and schools should be allowed to use Native Americans mascots.

In the picture it is a Native American and what they would wear.

I think they should be able to use the Native Americans as mascots because the sports team are being able to keep their history alive. A quote that proves this point is, “History is history. You can't change it." I chose this quote because now we know what we did wrong and how we kicked them out even when they would help us. I also chose the quote because since we knew that we shouldn't have did what we did we can now learn from that mistake.

The Chicago Blackhawks is a team that uses Native Americans as their mascot.

I think that teams and schools should keep using the Native Americans as mascots because the teams using them are meaking the Natives out to be who they really are brave and courageous. A second quote to support the topic of this paragraph is, “Represent the Native People." A reason I wanted to use this quote was because the teams are not trying to make fun of the Natives or trying to be rude towards their culture, no not at all most of the chiefs of the still Native tribes are happy what they are doing. Also I chose that quote was because the teams make the mascot look brave and how great the people are.

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