NANNY "the soul is healed by being with chidren"

Aside from childcare, nannies may be responsible for other child-related tasks, such as doing laundry, helping with homework, and organizing activity schedules. Household management tasks like running errands or organizing are generally added only if a nanny is caring for school-aged children.

A nannies daily schedule consist of taking care of a families children along with doing laundry, helping children with homework, and organizing families schedule.

Nannies will normally work a 4-6 day week from 8 a.m to 6 p.m.

Nannies will make anywhere from 14 to 25 dollars an hour.

Nannies have to be able to work with parents and young children. Most of the Nannies time will be spent in the house of the family she nannies for, but sometimes the nanny can be asked to run errands for the family.

Working with little children can be difficult and also making sure you and the family are on the same page with work can be confussing.

Nannies will normally be offered 6-8 holdidays off. Along with 2 weeks of paid vacation.

Nanny will also be required to help with homework and help children with normal activities parents would normally assist children in.

Their is not a required degree to have in order to be a nanny, but it will look better if you have atleast a high school diploma.

A nanny should be able to handel all aged children. Nannies need patients and good communication skills to speak with parents and young children.

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