Itaty by: Brady


1. +5 hours ahead of the USA

2. Italy's curent population is 61,482,297

3. Italy's currency is Euros

4. The capital of Italy is Rome

5. Longitude 43.96119 Latitude 11.51367

On the left is a bird bath and some poles. On the right is a path and a street in Pompeii.



People were covered with ash from the volcano and were well preserved

They built Pompeii out of rock to make it beautiful

in the background we have a Pompeii home


Did you know when the volcano erupted over 2000 years ago in Pompeii everybody was covered in ashes and preserved as statues. Some streets in Italy are covered with water and some are dirt roads in the mountains. Others are paved like our own roads. Some people visit Italy to explore Pompeii, see Leonardo da Vinci's paintings and celebrate Christmas.


Leonardo da Vinci

Italy's Christmas


Pompeii is an ancient city. Pompeii is located in Ancient Rome. The city was buried for about 2,000 years or more and Pompeii is really dusty and dirty because it was built out of rocks. (Marble, granite, and other types of rock.) The rock marble was the ground and the granite was everything else. (The walls, poles, roof, statues and more.) Pompeii is located 14 miles southeast from Naples, at the southern base of Mount Vesuvius. Mount Vesuvius was the volcano that erupted and covered everybody in ash, creating well preserved statues.


Domenico Fontana discovered the buried city in 1599 by accident. In 1748, archaeologists started to search and uncover Pompeii and it looked the same as it did when it was buried. Pompeii would be an interesting place to visit.

Bodies were perserved by the volcanic ash

Everything was made out of rock

This is a dull picture

Nice fields in Pompeii


Leonardo da Vinci was born in 1452 and died in 1519. He lived about 500-600 years ago to the age of 67. He was born in Anchiano, Tuscany in Italy. He had two big hobbies. The biggest hobby that he got famous from is painting. The second one is sculpting. One interesting fact about Leonardo da Vinci was he was building a clay model of something, but he never got to finish it because when ruler Duke Sforza fell from power in 1499, he couldn't get the materials from the duke and he was losing money. So he just moved away to Vinci. Vinci was owned by Leonardo's dad's family. When he grew up he started to paint masterpieces. He gave beauty to his paintings. He became famous after he died and his paintings were put into museums so people could look at his work.


Christmas is a national holiday. Italy over-decorates for Christmas. Huge Christmas trees are all over Italy, lights all around, fake Santa Clauses, and a partridge in a pear tree. They make deserts, have fun, and celebrate the birth of Jesus. There is so much food on Christmas. Pizza, pasta, roast, panettone, lo zamome, ll cotechino, turkey, lamb,trtellini, ll panettone, and bombardino. For deserts they make anise cookies, biscotti, cake, cupcakes, and ice cream (gelato).

Anise cookies



Layered Cake

Ice Cream (Gelato)


1. Christmas kicks off on December 8th. Feast of the Immaculate Conception (Also my mom's birthday)

2. Italians don't eat meat on Christmas Eve. Feast of the Seven Fishes

3. They go to midnight Mass

All of these pictures are about CHRISTMAS


Now do you realize that Italy is an interesting place to visit. Italy is known for their holiday and tourist places. I personally think you should visit Italy because it has beautiful landscape. DON'T FORGET TO EAT THE TREATS!


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