Westward Exganchon By: eLLA b.

Some of the purpose for traveling out West is for a better life. The pioneers had to buy a covered wagon to go to travel West. A covered wagon was a wagon with a white rounded top made of cloth. Most pioneers took possessions in the wagon with them as they go. The cloth was called canvas and was rubbed with oil to make it waterproof.
On The Oregon Trail, the pioneers had to go through many mountains and it was hard, and sometimes babies were born on the trip to Oregon. The geography is the mountain.
The daily life on the Trail was that the Wives and Mothers had sewn clothes for their kin. The children had gone to do their chores like emptying the leftovers for the next meal. The children also had to go in the woods to collect wood for the fire that night.
The relationship between the Indians and the Settlers are that the Indians showed the settlers what trail they should take. The Indians also showed them to hunt on their land.
Bad things on the trail 1. The children could get sick and die from cholera, and adults could have it too. 2. Mud is the worst that the Pioneers had to go through.3. Indian surrounding the pioneers. Good things on the trail. 1. Could survive the trip to the trail. 2. The Indians would not hurt you. 3. Babies would be born on the trail.
People knew where to go by a trail guide. Some people hired trail guides to help them go out west. The trail guide is people who had made the trip before and knew the way.
The Pioneers had drove out the Native Americans and they did nothing to deserve this.
There were other trails, just not only the Oregon Trail. This is a picture taken at a campsite.
Interesting fact is that families took a big risk to get to Oregon. They knew 1 out of 20 of them would die.
What is left of the Oregon Trail? In many spots, people can still see the wagon trail marks and the trail does go to Oregon.

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