Farming By: Caiden Atwater

Farming has plenty of pros in this world and does many positive things for society. First of all, Farming is great because it provides jobs for millions of people in the United States. This means, millions of people from all over the world do farming for a job and make money off of it. In conclusion, one huge reason why farming is good in this world is because it makes many jobs for people in the world. Another reason why farming is good in this world is because if we did not have farming, we wouldn't get as many foods as we get from farms. We get much of our food from farms such as cocoa and corn. Our grocery stores get food from farms and if we didn't have farms, we wouldn't get as much food as we do. In all, if we didn't have farming, we would not get as much food from farms as we do. Farming is also beneficial for the United states because if we didn't have farming, many foods such as corn wouldn't exist. Just imagine if we didn't have corn, tobacco, veggies, and more veggies. That would be a very unhealthy environment and if that ever happened that would increase obesity by a lot just from the fact that there is no veggies. If we don't have farming in this world many many foods would not exist.

Now the cons, Farming is not good for environment because it takes up a ton of land. Just one farm can take up to 2,000 acres. That is a ton of land that we can be using for schools or government buildings etc. Another reason why farming inst beneficial is because it can kill many animals such as chicken. Yes, it provides food for us but what if you were a chicken and farmers constantly killed your family. I would not like that whatsoever. Farming is a very tough job also, not many farmlands make a TON of cash just doing hard work, therefore its not really great for the environment. Another reason why farming inst good is because they make animals suffer to death, it's not like they are living a peaceful death, they put them in a machine and kill them. Farming is also bad because they are taking up a ton of plants they they can be used for good use, people need those plants and they are hogging them. In all, there are many reasons why farming is bad for the environment, but I would say the main reason why is because they take up many acres of land, and therefor, not a lot of people get to use em.

this chicken will soon be killed.
this is a very huge land that is being taken up by farming.
this is were we get our milk from.
have you ever heard of chicken breast? well thank this mans family for them.
this is a cute picture of a farm.
this animal will soon be killed due to by we need food.
this is a tractor, it helps our with farming because it is a machine.
Family farms are very common now, families own farms and bring their kids up there.

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