Religious Cultural Diversity Parents Can Enlarge a Student's Heart for the Lord by Sending Their Child to Public School

Cultural Awareness of other religions will ultimately benefit a Christian child's love for the lord, but not all children will RECEIVE this in a private school setting.

The student will come to know that Nihilism believes life is purposeless which strengthens the idea that God gives life meaning and purpose for His people.

In public school, a child may become subject to experiencing Buddhism which requires suffering to reach Nirvana, but the child will trust in the Lord to provide peace until entering heaven.

Eternal Cycle or Eternal Life?

In the hindu religion which may be found in public school, the people are forced to do "works" to reach their state of achievement which is believed to take many life cycles; the student will become thankful for a God that does not require works to get into heaven.

By learning other cultural religions in the public school, the Christian student's heart for the Lord will ultimately become larger after seeing the other unsatisfying religions in today's world.

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