The Town of Chase My local government

Town of chase Municipal building

Address: 81481,County Road S Pulaski WI , 54162

where the town of chase is located

My Issue is, Should the fire department buy a new fire truck or not?

The town is trying to get everyone to vote "no" on getting a new fire truck.

I agree with the town on this one. I think that we don't need to buy a new fire truck. The reason why I think this is because we don't really need it. What I mean by that is, its not a problem right now with the number of fire tucks we have. Its not like we don't have enough. Now if it were a problem where we did not have enough fire truck for the calls, or if the fire trucks that we have now were bad and not doing the job then I would say, "yes" to getting a new one but we don't really need it right now. We could use the money for different things that we need more than the fire truck. Now down the road if we do need it, if one of ares brakes or we don't have enough then, "yes" I would vote to get a new one.

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