Supervisor Hilda L. Solis is working to protect, defend, and fight for our immigrant communities.

LA County is home to 3,500,000 immigrants.

Under current policies and practices by the federal government, immigrants are living in fear of deportation and being separated from their families. Our immigrant communities play a vital role in LA County by contributing more than $230 billion annually to our economy. Supervisor Solis has long stood in solidarity with our immigrant communities, leading the effort to provide protection, support, and vital resources to this vulnerable and important population.

"Los Angeles County needs to assure immigrant families that their leaders will defend their rights and interests -- no matter what."

Since the 2016 Presidential election, Supervisor Solis has sponsored dozens of "Know Your Rights" and citizenship workshops across the First District. Not only has she strived to ensure that our immigrant communities know what resources are available to them, but she has also authored dozens of motions (and counting) to Protect. Defend. Fight. for immigrants who live throughout Los Angeles County.

"Our immigrants' passion and hard work endures, persistently building a better community where everyone thrives."

Supervisor Solis led the charge in creating LA County's first Immigrant Protection and Advancement Taskforce and the first Office of Immigrant Affairs.

"The mission of the Office of Immigrant Affairs is to advance the well-being of all immigrants in the County of Los Angeles by providing and connecting them with the supportive government services that everyone deserves."

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