My name is Yubin, and I am a junior majoring in graphic design at Arkansas State University. In the Advertising Design class, this project asks to create a campaign to gain donations for the Foundation of Arts in Jonesboro. I respect your contribution to our society, and it is my honor that I can work with your company. I created the best solution to satisfy the values, mission, and goals of your company. As a graphic designer, I guarantee that this project will enhance your relationship with the local community.

what is this campaign for?

By marketing to the target audience with a message that communicates the FOA's value and campaign goal, the solution will raise the local community's awareness of the FOA and reinforce the necessity of the arts.

The solution explains how the FOA will use donations to better the community as a whole.

This solution is a Big Idea that will extend beyond just one ad. The message can be easily and consistently conveyed across many mediums.

who are we targeting?

The campaign targets two groups. The primary target is people with disposable income to donate between the ages of 30 and 45. Many people between the ages of 30 and 45 have children.

The secondary target consists of those who also have disposable income, but are often retired and claim the role of grandparents.

Both targets might enroll family members in art classes to improve their children's (or grandchildren's) creativity and talent.

The FOA's musical and dance performances also offer various opportunities for families to spend time together.

Both audiences realize the need for the arts in their community and hope that their donations will help the FOA provide high-quality programs and additional valuable opportunities.

big idea

The target audiences might want to know what the FOA uses their donations for and how this benefits the community.

This campaign emphasizes that donors and the FOA work together to develop the arts of the local community.

It will be attractive to donors that their help directly supports the FOA's theater, dance, and visual arts to operate in a better environment.

This campaign can gain more donations by pointing out that donors will be proud of that they contributed to make a cultured community.


"You got the power. We got the stage, talent, and craft"
"be our ally"

Each ad used bold colors that could well represent stage, talent, and craft, and simple background colors in contrast. Also, the ads can get the target audience's attention by arranging a single figure per ad and the text "be our ally" to emphasize the interaction between donors and the FOA.

The headline "You got the power" is repetitive in each ad. It calls a compelling desire for donors to donate by recognizing that they have "the power" to help the FOA and their donations allow the FOA to do many beneficial things. Each ad can also draw the interests from donors by highlighting how the donations will be used by the FOA, representing areas where FOA needs help (theater, dance, and art classes).

social media

Social media is another way to increase the awareness of the FOA.

For example, via Instagram, people can know what the FOA does for their community. Instagram is a suitable method to post special affairs of the FOA and gain donations because it is easy to spread and anyone has high accessibility. Here are examples of how the campaign will look on Instagram.


Based on the campaign’s Big Idea, the message can easily be applied across other platforms like merchandise.

Products can play a role in raising marketing and awareness of the FOA. Also, it can serve as a fundraising activity. Here are some examples.

"powerful" canvas tote bag
"powerful" color phone case
"powerful" color pencils

thank you

This campaign aims to increase donations to the FOA by showing the target audience how the FOA uses donations in theater, dance, and the visual arts. The message enhances credibility of the FOA and makes donors feel pride that they are an ally to this valuable group.

I believe this campaign will successfully gain donations.

Thank you for this opportunity and I am proud of my solution. Feel free to contact me if you have any curiosities. I look forward to a successful working relationship in the future.


P: 626.210.7127

E: yubin.lim@smail.astate. edu