Learning Objective #4 Post-Test Analysis

The Plan

For my next test in this class, I will be using the self-testing method. I used this for the first exam and received an A. I will start studying after each chapter, creating problems to practice so it isn't as much right before the exam. I will also be reviewing my notes form lecture everyday until the test and completing the student workbook which is problems that are like the ones on the actual exam.



On this exam I made an 83. I was not as happy with score as I was my first, but this test covered a lot more material than the first. Three of the questions / points taken off were due to receive. This makes me the most mad because if I would of looked over the exam before handing it in closer I could of caught it. During my visit with Dr. carelessness he explained since I was already doing what he advises most student, to complete the student work book, I should come to his office hours more. I plan on taking full advantage of this before the next test if I do not understanding something to the fullest. Dr. advantage really seems to care about his students performance and willing to do whatever he can to help make sure I understand the material. This made me feel really good to know I have a teacher who cares so much about his students. Since the short answer questions were broken up into three parts, I did not miss the whole question I only advantage points take off. We also get partial credit for attempting even if we went wrong somewhere, this helps so when I messed up on one part I did still received some credit.


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