Troop 339 BSA Girls

For more information contact Scoutmaster Jo at jojobugs@gmail.com

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Meeting Schedule

Our regular Troop meetings are on most Thursday nights from 7-8:30pm. We do not meet on the 2nd Thursday of the month and instead try to plan outings on that weekend. Usually, the first meeting of the month will be held at the Leedy Grange and all other meetings will be at the Scoutmaster’s home. Any changes to this schedule will be communicated via email. Because we currently only have one patrol, we do not distinguish between troop meetings and patrol meetings. As we grow and create additional patrols, we will hold Troop meetings at the Grange and Patrol meetings at the scoutmaster’s home.
A calendar of all our planned meetings and outings can be found Below
Through out the Scouting Program, there are many different ranks and awards that scouts can earn. From Scout to Eagle we will support during your individual journeys.

This summer we will be adventuring at Camp Meriwether! Watch this short video to see if you would want to come along!!!!

Are you ready to start your adventure in Troop 339?!

For more information contact Scoutmaster Jo at jojobugs@gmail.com