My Focused Future By nasr ghosheh

Visit Paris for a weeK
Visit London for a week
Visit New York for a week
Visit Hawaii for a week
Go skydiving with a group of friends, recording the whole experience
Go hang gliding over water
Go scuba diving
Ride in a hot air balloon with a couple friends
Ride in a helicopter
Jump off a cliff and into the ocean
Ride a segway around a city
Go on a week long cruise with my family
Ride in a private jet
Own a private jet
Visit all 50 U.S States
Visit the White house
Move to and live in LA for 6 months
Go to an NBA game
Go to a Chiefs game with my friends
Climb a lighthouse and watch the sunset with friends
Give $10,000 to a charity
Graduate High School
Graduate College
Buy my parents a nice new house
Buy myself a nice house
Buy myself a nice car
Have a walk-in closet
Build a home theater in my house
Build a treehouse with my family
Make my first million within the next 10 years
Own a successful business
Start my own clothing line with a friend
Take a road trip across the U.S
Run a marathon with a group of friends
Attend a beach party
Host a beach party
See The Weeknd perform in a concert
Meet The Weeknd
Meet Drake
Meet J.cole
Go a day without using my phone
Vote in a Presidential Election
Want to have something I post go viral
Land a backflip
Stay at a five star hotel
Eat at a five star restaurant
Own a pair of yeezys
Be an extra in a movie or TV show
Start a family
Live a happy and successful life


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