We Love Our Clients! Our #1 Goal is the SUCCESS OF OUR CLIENTS!

Mike & Ann Gill - Maryville
These were some great people to work with! Mike & Ann Gill gave us a shot to sell their home after realizing its harder than we make it look 😉 We sold their home in less than a month for exactly what we told them it would sell for and helped them move to Ocala Florida!

Tynesha reached out to Keller Williams-Combes & Corum Real Estate for help finding a home. After overcoming may obstacles we helped her reach the dream of home ownership after previously being homeless in the Knoxville area.

Thank you for the opportunity Tynesha!

After trying selling her home herself Janey interviewed multiple agents and placed her faith on us. We ended up selling her home in less than a week! Thank you Janey!

Jean Harper's Home
Jean put her faith in us to help her sell after losing her husband. She was an absolutely amazing woman and this is her story of the experience with Combes & Corum!
8138 Broken Rock Ln
Congratulations John and Sharon on your brand new home! Thank you for the opportunity, Marissa Sharp!
Marissa Sharp's new construction builds are absolutely top notch quality builds in Knoxville
Crissy's home -3701 Shipwatch Ln

After litterally 5 years on the Market, we were able to get Crissy Sims Top Dollar for her Home in only 11 Days!

The McMillans' Home - 10411 Rather Rd

Meet Paul and Johneta, they had been trying to sell for A FEW YEARS in order to move to Nashville to be with their grandkids. They were on the brink of giving up when they put faith in us to sell their home..... we got it sold for $1 under what we told them it would sell for.

The Mcmillans before heading off to Nashville
Bob Burris - 7917 Pelleaux Rd
Bob and Bethany Burris build home in the Knoxville area and built a stunning home in the Powell community that worked perfectly for Rebecca
The Davis' home - Farragut
Tim and Debbie were a referral from a past client, We were able to sell their home in only 9 days! We appreciate the opportunity and really hate to see them move to North Carolina. Couldn't have worked with better clients!
Fred's Home- Parasol Dr
Fred gave us an opportunity to sell his home and we were able to provide excellent results! Fred was glad we could get it sold for top Dollar!
Ann hired is after a rough experience with another agent and we were able to sell her home for more than the previous listing!
Lisette gave us the opportunity to sell the home that she had raised her son in the simplify life for her and downsize. We got her nearly full price for the home in just a few short days. We are very fortunate to have clients that are as good of people as we do and we appreciate what is that letting us help her in the process!
Ryan Duncan is our lead buyer specialist and this was one of his first closings with us.
Jill's Home in Halls
Jill bought her son Joseph at home so that he could be closer to his daughter and she could be closer to her grandkids. We appreciate the opportunity the review above is what she had to say about Ryan on Zillow.
SOLD- Nickoma And Jennifer
Nickoma and Jennifer's new home
Nickoma and Jenifer had tried selling their home by owner with no luck when they gave us the job to sell their home. We develop a marketing plan that made sense and put it to action! Within two weeks we sold their home for 98% of asking price and helped them buy there dream home shortly there after. 
Josh Smith- Choto Mill
Josh had recently remodeled this stunning home when the Stough family came across it. This is a perfect home for them and was exactly what they're looking for. Thank you Josh for the opportunity! Also check out his company, Master Dry that is THE expert on waterproofing in the East Tennessee area a link is below.
Debbie and Jordan really needed to sell their home in the mascot community and we help them do so in a timely manner. We always love to work with great people.
Gloria's home in Powell
Gloria gave us an opportunity to sell her home because she wanted her family to be able to live with her and upsize are home. We were able to sell her home for full price and in only 2 days!
Melinda and Travis and their new home!

🎉🎉Congratulations Melinda and Travis on your new home! 🎉🎉We are so thankful we were able to deliver the dream of home ownership! 🏡 We appreciate Toni giving us the opportunity to help her sell her home in Harriman and help these awesome people buy their first home!

Trent and Lindsay's new home
Lindsay and Trent Elsten were first time home buyers. They were looking for a cute fixer-upper for their 2 dogs. Trent is in Vet school at TN and Lindsay is a marketing account manager in Knoxville. We were lucky to be able to work with them and appreciate their business!
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