Tropical Rainforest🌺 🌸By:Peyton Loose🌸


  • Tropical rainforests can be found in Central America in the Amazon river basin
  • Africa-Zaire basin, small area in West Africa, and eastern Madagascar.
  • Indo-Malaysia- West coast of India, Assam, Southeast Asia, New Guinea, & Queensland, Australia.
  • Cuba, Mexico, & South America
  • They cover nearly 6% of the Earth's surface.
Green=where rainforest is found


  • The climate of most tropical rainforests is humid and moist because of all the rain, which has the amount of nearly 250 CM.
  • The average temperature of the rainforest is 18 degrees Celsius.
  • The latitude range for the rainforest climate is 15-25 degrees North and South of the equator.
  • The rainforest is ussaly 77 degrees Fahrenheit year around. It never goes below 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

🌱Soil Conditions🌱

  • Only a thins layer of decaying, organic matter is found.
  • Most tropical rainforest's soil has very little nutrients.
  • Millions of years of weathering and torrential rains have washed most of the soil's nutrients out of it.
  • The soil is not amazing for farming.
Layers of the rainforest's soil


  • Trees
  • Vines
  • Bamboo
  • Flowers
  • Lilly Pads
  • Coconut Tree

*Venus Fly Trap*


*Coconut tree*

*Tropical flower*


*Tropical flowers*



*Tropical flower*

*Pitcher plant*


  • Birds-Parrots & Tucans🐦
  • Arachnids-Spiders & Ticks🕷
  • Amphibian-Frogs & Toads🐸
  • Mammals-Sloths & Jaguar🐯
  • Insects-Butterflies & Beetles🦋
  • Reptiles-Snakes & Lizards🦎
  • Other-Worm🐛
  • Over 20,000,000 spieces live there🐵

*Bengal Tiger*

*3 toed sloth*




*Red Eye Tree Frog*



*Poison Dart frog*

*Mawcraw Parrot*


*PARROT Snake*

*Red panda*



*Proboscis monkey*

🌳Rainforest layers🌳

  • Emergent
  • Upper Canopy
  • Understory
  • Forest Floor
Rainforest Layers

🦄Interesting facts🦄

  • Trees in the rainforest grow up to 165 feet tall
  • About 1% of light reaches the ground
  • 10 acres of tropical rainforest land is gone in about a minute
  • About 1 acre is gone in about a second
  • 80% of life have not been named or discover in the tropical rainforest biome
  • Tropical Rainforests produce 40% of Earths oxygen
  • Rainforest plants are used for medicine


Thank you for supporting me with new information that helped my project and my brain.

And a big thank you to google and ducksters for my pictures

Also a big thanks to Mr. Ream's book

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Peyton Loose

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