Seminar Slot 2

11.45 - 12.30


Purity in Power - Christy Wimber | 1st Floor Hall

Power sales. Weakness is not popular. But there is a high cost to moving in power, otherwise, everyone would be moving in it. There are invitations by the Spirit of God into more of who He is, and the high call of entrustment to steward God power well. Power in any form, if not broken and yielded to and by the Spirit of God can do much damage. Christy will share some things in her own life and journey of walking, leading and living in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Christy has been a part of the Vineyard Movement since it began. She worked at Vineyard Ministries International for several years until Vineyard Music was formed. She then served as the Director for Worship Conferences and Training at Vineyard Music where she was involved in many of Vineyard Worship’s projects and equipping resources that have been duplicated around the world. Her latest project is her new book entitled, “Transformed,” to be released in March, 2017. One of her great loves is to spend the majority of her time encouraging and equipping the Church worldwide in being a resource to their community, including moving in power ministry. Christy and Sean have been married for 27 years, and have two children, Camie Rose, 25 years, who was married in 2015 to Caleb Johnson and John Richard II, 17 years. They reside in Yorba Linda, California


Evangelism - Yinka Oyekan | Seminar Room 1

In spring 2016, a 2 week mission in Reading became a 4 week mission. Over 1000 people prayer a prayer of response on the streets. 'The Turning', as it has now been called, has now gone to towns and cities across the UK and France and has seen similar results. Plans are afoot for 'The Turning' to operate all over the UK in the coming years. Yinka will outline what he senses the Holy Spirit doing through this remarkable move.

Yinka Oyekan is the senior minister of The Gate in Reading, he is also the Apostolic Team Leader for Barnabas Fellowship of Churches whose vision is ‘Building Kingdom churches developing Kingdom relationships’. Barnabas has churches in the UK, France & Africa. Yinka has been involved in Church planting for many years in the UK, France & Africa. He has written several books and manuals. In 2016 The Gate held what they thought would be a small evangelistic mission but during this Father imparted a grace and anointing which Yinka and his team have been taking across the UK and into nations. Yinka is married to Fiona and they have three sons.


Understanding Future Trends - Patrick Dixon | Seminar Room 5

In this seminar, Patrick will be reading into the 'signs of the times', after what can be described as a turbulent year, and look at what it all means for the Gospel.

Dr Patrick Dixon is often described in the media as Europe's leading Futurist. He gives up to 50 highly customised keynotes a year on a wide range of global trends in every industry. He is one of the world's leading authorities on global trends, working with a wide range of industries and clients including Google, Microsoft & IBM. He is author of 16 books including Futurewise which contains hundreds of Futurist insights. He has given Futurist presentations to conference audiences in 53 nations.


Growing In Faith - Julian Richards | Seminar Room 3/4

Jesus had a clear focus on developing the faith of his leaders, the disciples. In this seminar we will be exploring faith, and how we can intentionally develop it in our own lives.

Julian is the Leader of New Wine Cymru, and also with his wife Sarah, leads Cornerstone Church Swansea. Cornerstone has developed many projects serving the local community and seeks to be a church accessible for un-churched people. In 2014 they opened Venue 2 as a 2nd Cornerstone venue. Julian is a member of the Pioneer Leadership team, EA Board member & Vice Chair of the Evangelical Alliance UK Council. He and Sarah have 3 grown-up children.


Shaping Leaders Who Shape Society - Jurie Kriel | School Room

God has a better shape in mind for society than the shape it is in. The church is His plan to get society in shape. The greatest hindrance to this is the shortage of leaders to grow and shape the church and to effectively reach the communities they are in. In this seminar we explore how to identify, develop and release leaders of influence to shape society.

Jurie has been part of the Doxa Deo leadership in South Africa where he has lead a church in Pretoria, while overseeing several others and also been closely involved in an urban church plant. Before becoming part of Doxa Deo he co-founded and led a Bible school called The Timothy Leadership Team – training many people that are today actively involved in full time ministry all across the world. Jurie believes in communicating God’s word in such a way that is not only understood but remembered, and not just remembered but applied. To this end he ministered extensively throughout South Africa and internationally. He and his wife Karin have been married for 16 years and have two boys, Joshua (11) and Ethan (8) who are continuously teaching him more than he could ever wish to teach them. Jurie and his family is currently in the proses of relocating to the US. They will be planting a church in downtown Austen, Texas, where less than 10% of people are currently practicing the Christian faith.

Seminar Slot 3 (TED Talks)

14.00 - 14.30 & 15.00 - 15.30


Who Do You Think You Are? - Christy Wimber | 1st Floor Hall

More than anything else the enemy will always go after our identity. If you don’t know who you are, then ministry, people or circumstances will define this for you. Knowing who we are must come before the why we are, otherwise it’s too easy to operate from the wrong place, intention, even motives. No matter what you’re leading, desire to lead or in trying to find your place, Christy will unpack some insights she’s found helpful in having the identity question addressed in her own life.


Developing a creative devotional life - Bev Webb | Seminar Room 1

Maybe you struggle to carve out quality time with God and enjoy His company and friendship without agenda. My times usually involved coming to Him for inspiration for my next talk, or for His intervention in a pastoral situation. Being 'a doer' made it difficult for me to 'be still'. So God gave me a way to build friendship while doing something together. Hear about 'the garden we are creating together' and be inspired to refresh your own devotional life.

Bev co-leads City Life Church and is part of the Pioneer Southampton Hub Team and Love Southampton Oversight Team (churches and projects working together in Southampton). She is married to Clive with two grown up children. She loves the Church and is passionate to see God restore broken lives and build people into loving community. She has a heart for the poor and vulnerable, and works this out both locally and in Thailand.


Leadership In The Public Arena - Paul Weston | Seminar Room 5

It is an amazing privilege to lead a church and it becomes very interesting when the leadership you use in church is then used in the public arena. There are new challenges, pressures, stresses and joys. In the last few years Paul has found himself not only leading a church, or even leading a church into the community, but leading public projects. This is an opportunity facing all church leaders who want to see community transformation. So come along and let’s inspire one another.

Paul Weston is team leader at New Generation Church, South East London. He has a passion for seeing communities transformed. Paul serves on the Leadership of Pioneer and Spring Harvest.


Muslims Finding Faith - Roxy Foulkes | Seminar Room 3/4

We will be exploring the stories of how Muslims are finding Jesus and our part in these stories. Including hearing a story of a Muslim background believer. How she found Jesus and grew in her faith.

My name is Roxy Foulkes. I live in South Yorkshire with my husband. I work as a Mobiliser to enable Christians to share the gospel with Muslim people in the most unreached places in the world. I also run a project to equip churches in the discipleship of believers of Muslim backgrounds called Joining the Family. I love running, reading and writing old school letters with pen & paper.


Practical Evangelism On The Street - Adam Clewer | 14.30 - 16.00

Meet in school room for training and Q & A before going out on the street.

Adam is part of the leadership team at New Community Church. Adam is responsible for local mission; a wide remit, including street evangelism and coordinating other missional activities and is a member of the team working to launch Hope Community School Southampton. Adam’s passion is for people to encounter God. A recent graduate from LST; Adam recently completed a 9-month research project in the field of missiology and evangelism in the modern context. Outside of the church world, Adam works as freelance writer and is a sponsored fisherman (take a browse through the magazines at WHsmiths and you’ll probably find him). Adam is married to Sarah from the USA, and they have two young daughters.

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