Keenwick West Catch Basin & Tideflex Inline Check Valve

The Problem

Neighbors joked that the "pool" was supposed to be in the backyard; unfortunately, Nancy Carey struggled with standing water that filled her front yard for over 18 years.

Nancy Carey struggled with standing water in her front yard.


The standing water was a breeding ground for bacteria and pests. It also made it difficult for Carey to play with her young granddaughter.

Although it had receded significantly, over 13,000 gallons of water was removed before work could begin.


A snowball viburnum, from Carey's grandmother's house, had to be saved.
At high tide water from the Assawoman Bay could backflow into the catch basin and back onto the property.
There was a limited amount of space to work.

The Solution

Installing a catch basin allows water to drain properly.

The TideFlex Inline Check Valve prevents tidal water from backflowing into the drainage pipe and catch basin.

Tideflex inline check valve installed on the drainage pipe.

Tideflex Inline Check Valve

The inline check valve allows water to flow in one direction. Stormwater flow opens the check valve, if no water is flowing the check valve closes, preventing rising tide from entering.

Photo Credit: https://www.charleston-sc.gov/1995/Check-Valve-Program
Completed April 2021