Vocab By: Devonte Hamilton


  • Definition- occurring or existing simultaneously or side by side
  • Sentence- When Jan and Anne fell at the same time it was a concurrent situation.


  • Definition- to take away
  • Sentence- Put your phone or it will be confiscated.


  • Definition- to create
  • Sentence- In politics new laws are constituted all the time for change.


  • Definition- to break down
  • Sentence- Sometimes people need for you to explain something bette so you decipher the information.


  • Definition- failure to act
  • Sentence- If you fail to pay your bill it will become a default bill.


  • Definition- an assumption based on hypothesis
  • Sentence- Most science to me is just hypothetical and not real.


  • Definition- simple
  • Sentence- Jeff cut a simple nominal cut.


  • Definition- required beforehand
  • Sentence- Over achievers always do prerequisite things to be finished before anyone.


  • Definition- having power or authority over others
  • Sentence- Humans are the predominant species on planet Earth.


  • Definition- bankruptcy
  • Sentence- In certain periods in time a company might go threw a recession.


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