MGA_102: Principles and History of Typography Ifigenia aristidou & Theresia Christodoulou

Week 1: Everyday Typography
Typography in ordinary and everyday places.
Week 2: Typography before Gutenberg
On the top left you can see the ancient Chinese typography, on the bottom left you can see the medieval typography mainly used by monks and on the right a papyrus with the ancient Egyptian typography.
Week 3: Anatomy of type
Week 4: Historical and Morphological Classification of Typefaces
This is consisted in the Contemporary historical taxonomy, as anything goes, there is deconstruction and variety, like the ones we saw from David Carson.
Project 1: Typeface
By: Ifigenia Aristidou
By: Theresia Christodoulou
Week 5: Pioneering Typographers

William Caslon

William Caslon was an English typefounder. The distinction and legibility of his type secured him the patronage of the leading printers of the day in England and on the continent.

The Caslon Font Family

Week 6: Hierarchy of type
Hierarchy of type example 1.
Hierarchy of type example 2.
Project 2: Hierarchy
By: Theresia Christodoulou
By: Ifigenia Aristidou
Week 7: Negative/Positive Space
Examples of negative and positive space giving a different meaning at images.
Week 8: Words as Images
Week 9: Typographic Grid
Week 10: Golden Ratio
The use of golden ratio on web design.
The use of golden ratio for the creation of the silhouette of a parrot.
Week 11: Heretic Typography: Dada movement
Experimental typography examples. On the left, we have the word "Bullet" made out of bullets. On the right, we have the word "Grow" which was grown out of grass.
Week 12: Bitmap VS Vector: Digital Typography
The difference between bitmap and vector digital lettering.
Project 3: Shape and Letter
By: Theresia Christodoulou
By: Ifigenia Aristidou
Project 4: Booklet
By: Theresia Christodoulou
By: Ifigenia Aristidou

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