Analyzing Satire Locating satire in popular culture


List at least five characteristics or elements typical of fairy tales.

Common Elements of a Fairy Tale

  1. Begins with, "Once upon a time..."
  2. Fairy tales tell stories of past events 'long ago'
  3. Fairy tales include fantasy and make believe
  4. Fairy tales have clearly defined good characters, as well as evil characters
  5. Heroes are always present in fairy tales; they are usually royalty
  6. Fairy tales often include princesses, or damsels in distress, that are kind, fragile, and beautiful.
  7. Magic is typically present in fairy tales: elves, giants, talking animals, witches, fairies
  8. Things come in threes within fairy tales: three tries, three main characters, three objects, etc
  9. "And they all lived happily ever after"
  10. Fairy tales are designed to teach a lesson or give a moral theme
Satire is a literary device that uses irony or wit usually in a humorous way, to comment on or criticize a person, group, or event. Usually the intention of satiric writing is to effect a change in behavior or to sway public opinion.

The typical fairy tale depicts the woman as weak and in need of rescue. Not only does Fiona appear to be a master at martial arts, she also defies gravity and single-handedly secures her safety, while Shrek and Donkey watch. This clip effects satire by asking us to re-evaluate the traditional gender roles in our society.

Within the genre of fairy tales, an ogre is characterized as a terror and a menace to society, and their reputations are determined for them by the mere title of 'ogre.' Shrek is encountered with a rare opportunity: someone asks him what he'd like to be known for.

It's expected of fairy tales that the princess be graceful, gentle, and beautiful, yet Princess Fiona has been cursed with physical characteristics that go against those standards. We also have an element of magic here: a terrible curse that turns Fiona into a 'monster' every night.


Locate a well-known fairy tale that interests you from the websites provided. Read the fairy tale and familiarize yourself with it. Locate the common elements of fairy tales within the story you selected.

Satirize your fairy tale to reflect change or to sway the opinions represented in the story, much like Shrek does with the standard fairy tale structure. -This fairy tale must be reflect a change in the plot that utilizes satire. In other words, you're changing the plot to draw attention to certain elements that make the fairy tale stereotypical; by changing it, you asks the audience to evaluate what's different, and why it matters.

Due: Friday, March 3rd; Typed, handed in to Google Classroom; 1-3 pages in length


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