What do you think this video? Please consider deeply in your heart. There are many conflicts all over the world especially in Syria. Innocent children are always becoming sacrificed of conflict. This video shows such a real tragedy. Many people think conflict is problem in some country. But conflict is very big problem in the world. We are going to talk about, "How is children affected by conflict?", " How many children move in Europe?" and "What should we do to help children in Syria?".

How is children affected by conflict ?

Look at this graph. Syria has left over 250,000 people dead, including over 12,000 children. 18,000 children dead every day, one child dies every 4.8 seconds. Children are almost died by conflicted-related causes, particularly disease, starvation and a chemical weapon. Thereby, people died.

How many children move in Europe?

2.4million syrian children are refugees because they have witnessed their families being killed in front of them.Then children move to Turkey,Greece,Germany and Denmark. Believe it or not,some childrens sold into slavery by adults. Also,adult made children work.10% of refugee children are forced to work.The proportion of people who are driven out of their home countries can be settled in Europe is quite limited.The reason why people move to Europe is establish about children's education.More than 2/3 children of refugees in Syria cannot go to school.Children who cannot go to school are lost protection by school and they are exploited.In addition to children become target of dishonest businessman,and they have to work for parents who are prohibited to work.Another reason they move to Europe is demand for something work and make their life more than better.

What should we do to help children in Syria?

Syrian children need a lot of moneys. I thought people should collect money to assist in Syria. Also, build hospital and school too. Unfortunately, The project to preserve the assistant will cost about 80,9562,0000€.

Conflict is evil because it's kill people. In this four regards, I was shocked when I heard that and I think we know about current situation in Syria. Unfortunately, young people don't understand about conflict in Syria. I want to many people to understand the importance of life because Syrian children is suffered by conflict.

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