Speedy feet

success isn't given its earned on the track, on the field, in the gym with blood, sweat, and the occasional tear.

Running makes you feel free its your time to be alone and just think about whats going on in live and it relieves stress. When your on a team you have people that are going to want to bring you down and people that are going to lift you and want you to make it in life and go to the Olympics but the people who want to see you fall don't matter because you know what you want. When you hear the gun go off all of the stress anxiety and problems that your are having goes away it's not about that anymore just you and the track.

track takes so much dedication and it has to be one of your main focuses. It's so serious and to make it big out in the world you have to put in the work if you take a break what you had before is no more you have to keep going even when your at your lowest point in life track could help you with that. It is the point in your life where you can be happy for being the best and pushing to your best ability. so keep going and know when you get there that all that hard work wasn't for nothing. Don't ever forget where you came from.

I am not trying to make you join track but if you do i promise you wont regret what they offer. so many opportunities are open to you can get a scholarship and be known around the world have people looking up to to because they see you made it and they want to be like you someday you could become an Olympian and be the fastest person in the world. you can also meet so many people and explore the world you live in.


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