Florida Museum of Natural History By kyle bassignani

Nature on Display: During my visit at the butterfly exhibit is was at awe when viewing the butterflies. I found it interesting how such small and thin creatures are able to fly. The butterflies seemed to be at peace and happily living their life. I found it interesting to see a garden of vegetation and butterflies in the middle of the museum.
Nature and Ethics: While viewing the exhibits about the tribes around Florida I saw how much more the people respected and loved the nature around them. It made me think that if we used our natural resources more sparingly if the world would be a better place. Throughout the exhibit I noticed that the people did not use more than they needed. I believe as a society we all need to work towards using less and respecting nature more.
Nature and the Human Spirit: While walking through the museum I saw many different fossils this one is of is the American Mastodon who roamed Florida 10,000 years ago. Viewing this fossil helped me realize the greatest of nature and i found it amazing how a creature this large lived in the same place as I do.
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