Gray County Kansas By: Jacob Barton

Cities in Gray County

  • Cimmaron: Population- 2,222
  • Montezuma: Population- 982
  • Copeland: Population- 316
  • Ingalls: Population- 312
  • Ensign: Population- 191

Major Landmarks

Cimarron Hotel

This three story brick building was was built in 1886, and was the first hotel to be established in Gray County. The architect was John Opp.

Gray County Courthouse

This brick building is where many of the mayors and government officials meet up and discuss things happening in the county and cities.

Soule Canal

This 96 mile-long earthen ditch was made in the late 19th century. It was used to carry the water from the Arkansas river to farms in the Southwest Kansas, that didn't have enough water. This took an immense amount of time and money.

The Barton House

This house was a memory of the first person who settled in Gray County. This home has a unique combination of common late nineteenth century house forms and styles.

Santa Fe Trail

This is a museum showing some artifacts from the Santa Fe Trail, since Ingalls was located directly on the trail.

County Clerk: Ashley Rodgers

County Sherrif: Jim Kramer

Major Events

  • Seat Rivalry: The seat rivalry was a fight to get the county seat. The two cities fighting for it were Cimarron and Ingalls. This argument lasted around two years, and Cimmaron came out having the seat in 1889.
  • Cattle Run: In 1872 Doc Barton and some of his partners went off to drive a herd of 6000 Texas cattle. They stopped at Cimarron, and decided they would stay there. His house now shows who the first person was to stay there and how he drove a tremendous amount of cattle.
  • The First Newspaper: The first newspaper that was published in Gray County was made in Cimarron. The Author was Joseph E. Morcombe, and it was published by Kinstey Graphic. It was published June 29, 1878.

Common Jobs in Gray County: Sales, Office, Administration support; Managment, Buisness, Financing; Production, Transportation, Material moving.

County was named after: Alfred Gray


Albert E. Kinammon: A member of the Kansas House of Representatives. He represented in the 120th district. 1937-1941

Gilbert E. Benton: He has years of value able experience as an IRS registered tax preparer. He is also the mayor of Cimarron.

Asa T. Soule: founded Ingalls Kansas, he was an early millionaire and investor.

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