Types of clouds BY Alex

Stratus clouds can be found at the altitude 6,000 ft and below. 2,Stratus clouds form when a sheet of warm, moist air lifts off the ground and depressurizes. And this cloud is a flat shape.

Nimbostratus cloud cand be found at the altitude below 3,000 (below 10,000 ft). And is dark, widespread, formless layer.

Cumulus clouds are found at less than 2,000 m (3,300 ft) in altitude. can have noticeable vertical development and clearly defined edges,and can look like cotton.

Altostratus clouds are found at 2,400–6,100 (6,500–24,000 ft) and there appearance are Sheet or layer, can usually see the sun through it.

Altoculmulus altitude Is 2,000–6,100m or (6,500–20,000 ft) the appearance is Similar to cirrocumulus, but individual segments are larger and darker.

Cumulonimbus Clouds are found 25,000-65,000 ft high and are Very tall and large clouds.

Cirrocumulus clouds are found (20,000-40,000 ft) and Small, high, patched clouds, in rows.

Cirrus clouds are found 21,000 ft in tropical areas and a form of tropical cyclones.


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