Our appeal is for support from the international Jewish community to establish an endowment fund that will help ensure the future of our historic community.

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Jews in Quebec City have a long and rich history, from the first Jew, Esther Brandeau who temporarily hid both her religion and her gender to make the trip from France in 1738, through struggles with antisemitism, to today, where members of our community are taking action to help Quebec city establish itself as a place where cultural & religious diversity is not only tolerated, but embraced.

For nearly 300 years, Quebec City has been home to thousands of Jews from around the world whether it be for a lifetime, a few years, or just a few days in passing.

Our community has evolved over the years, but one thing that hasn’t changed is that the Jewish population of Quebec City has always been proud to maintain it’s Jewish identity while also integrating itself into the local community. Students, educators, doctors, lawyers, businessmen, musicians, artists and more have contributed to the social fabric of this historical city.

Congregation Beth Israel Ohev Sholem, or CBIOS for short, literally means "House of Israel, Lovers of Peace"...

Today, as we maintain traditional Jewish rituals and customs that have been observed for thousands of years, we also believe that it is important to explore hidden gems found within our written and oral traditions and ensure our community remains vibrant and relevant in today’s changing times.

We do our best to navigate the fine line between religious and secular Judaism with great care. We don’t believe there is a right or wrong way to be Jewish and are more concerned with ensuring that all who want to connect to their Judaism have a place where they can proudly do so.

Our doors are open to all Jews, regardless of their level of religious observance or affiliation.

We take great pride and joy in learning from each other as our community is made up of individuals emanating from a rather large variety of cultural and religious backgrounds.

We also believe it is important to share our rich local and universal Jewish heritage with all who are interested, regardless of cultural background or faith. We’ve found that sharing the customs and traditions we are so proud of with our neighbours helps demystify Judaism, reduces anti-semitism and promotes harmonious living.

Promoting tolerance is not enough. We believe that diversity is a treasure that should be discovered, embraced, respected and protected.

With your help, we plan on raising $1.2 million over the next 12 months to establish our endowment fund.

Our goals as Quebec City’s Jewish community are to:

• Ensure the presence of a Jewish Community Center and Synagogue in Quebec City for local residents and visitors so that we can all proudly maintain and enjoy our cultural identities, customs and traditions, and freely practice our religion;

• Ensure that the principles of Judaism, Jewish history, and Jewish culture, are known, appreciated, and explored by present and future generations;

• Support educational, sociocultural, and religious programs that simultaneously promote Jewish and universal values;

• Reach out to other cultural and religious communities in Quebec City in order to develop new relationships and maintain the harmonious connections that already exist.

Why invest in the future of CBIOS?

• Our community is one of the oldest in North America and our rich heritage needs to be preserved.

• To ensure that we can sustain educational, socio-cultural and religious programming to teach our children about our rich Jewish culture & religion.

• To ensure we have the means to keep our doors open for all residents and tourists who desire to maintain their Jewish identities.

• To help us develop our community outreach programs.

You Can Make a Difference

To accomplish our goal, we are launching our funding campaign by creating a Virtual Torah with you.

Regardless of one's level of religious observance, it is universally recognized that the written Torah was the document Judaism was developed around over 3000 years ago. It is still cherished, respected, studied, and essential to Judaism today.

A Charitable Tax Receipt will be issued for all contributions to this campaign

Thank you for your support!

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or comments.


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